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An eye mind proficient (ECP) is a person who gives an administration identified with the eyes or vision. It is any medicinal services specialist engaged with eye mind, from one with a little measure of post-optional preparing to experts with a doctoral level of training. The Birth of Pro-Vision! Would you be able to envision existence without vision? I know, it's frightening to try and envision that, isn't that so? At that point, what influences us to overlook our eyes? We wouldn't fret enjoying extravagances be that as it may, we have a tendency to overlook one of our fundamental needs, aside from nourishment, attire, protect and that is our vision. It might likely solid irregular when I call vision, an essential need. Ask an outwardly weakened individual the estimation of vision and he would spill out his heart to you. He would forfeit anything on the planet, just to lounge in the brilliance of vision, vision to witness

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